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2019 in Review: Amy Wallis – Building an award-winning agency

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Wow – where to start with 2019?! The year saw us conquer The Ritz, The Bvlargi, New York, London ExCel and support charity through our work with Macmillan. We won Start-up Business Of The Year at The Lincolnshire Media Business Awards, not forgetting The Lincolnite’s 30 under 30, as well as welcoming Georgia Day, fresh from the Financial Times, to our team!

I think it is safe to say that 2019 was the best year of my life both professionally and personally. Here’s to making 2020 even better!

Market inn is a rising and award-winning marketing agency with a mission to amplify the greatness of ideas, people and brands in the hospitality industry. In 2019, this mission gained significant momentum and is now unstoppable in its progression into the New Year.

I started last year off with a statement – welcoming the agency’s first hire, Harry Poderskis. This digital marketing guru adapted to the hospitality marketing scene from day one, helping the agency spread its wings to London, Bangkok, Vilnius, New York and beyond. While gaining global reach, the Market inn family continued to work busily away in its nest in Lincoln, UK.

Among the many firsts, Market inn participated in exhibitions: the Lincolnshire Business Expo 2019, hosted by CityX, and the Hotel 360 exhibition in the London ExCeL arena.

In an exciting development, Harry and I joined Sara Bird and Sultana Rahman of SqWears Couture, to make our first moves in the UK fashion industry. We filmed several haute couture fashion events, held at luxury venues such as the Ritz Carlton, the Bvlgari London – not forgetting the Lincoln Cathedral! Market inn family saw itself getting used to reaching for the stars and not resting on our laurels.

In 2019 I spoke at several events and wrote many blogs and columns. My highlight was being on an expert panel at Europe’s largest hotel exhibition, Hotel 360. I would often ask organisers who else was talking, of which on multiple occasions they replied, “you are the headliner” – I still can’t get my head around that to this day!

“Make waves in a sea of people” – is what I always say. But this year, we managed to make ripples which span across the vast oceans of the marketing and hospitality industry…and that is a very heart-warming and life-changing experience.”

The final quarter of the year was met with a new addition to Market inn – Georgia Day, fresh from the Financial Times. With marketing experience in many different industries, institutions and countries, Georgia is the third puzzle piece in a great, high resolution image of our growing marketing machine.

It was such a thrill for our successful journey to be recognised by the local Lincolnshire business community, with Market inn winning “Best Start-Up of the Year” award at the Lincolnshire Live Business Media Awards 2019. A real highlight of our year.

Following our fantastic success in 2019 and only two years on from launch, it is an understatement to say that I am pumped for this year! I now live in a house I own with my beautiful other half, Jamie (I couldn’t ask for a better partner to go on this journey with – even if he doesn’t have full comprehension of what I do). Whilst speaking on a personal level my friends and family are also exceptional people, including my brother, Kieran, who is a BIG motivation!

This year I run my first Lincoln 10k, which sees me wake up at the crack of dawn for my 5:30am run. No-one is around – the early bird catches the worm. New Year’s resolutions are to carry on along the same track metaphorically and try to step back here and there to see what we are yet to, but will achieve.

Instead of substantial resolutions, how about changing your life so that you don’t need to set life changing modifications this decade? That’s what I have done! We will continue to work with our Business Coach, Jo Mason, Propulsion Coaching to map out the journey.

November will see me fly to New York again for The Tiptree World Bread Awards USA! When in the UK, I plan on upping my talks and becoming even more involved in instilling confidence in others. This is something that I started to get involved with in 2019, and long may that continue!

On my first day back in the office in 2020 I filmed a video to predict the year ahead. I will share it with you at the end of the year to see if my crystal ball was right! All I will say is watch this space! It is 2020 vision, and do I have a vision!

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