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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

“I started Market inn in my parents’ garage. Over the last three and a half years, my team and I have built it into the award-winning agency it is today. An incredible journey of challenges and triumphs.

Market inn specialises in marketing for the hospitality sector, one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. Over two years ago, pre-pandemic, we began diversifying our client portfolio. But despite that diversification, the impact of the pandemic on the business has been too far reaching, as it sadly has for many SMEs.

I did not arrive at the decision to close lightly. I have poured my heart and soul into the business. Choosing to close it is without the doubt the hardest decision I have ever made. But I am so immensely proud of what we have achieved. My highlights have been filming at the Lincoln Fashion Show, The Ritz, and the Bvlgari; and also my trip to New York for the Tiptree World Bread Awards USA.

We have made a wonderful family of clients; who we have taken great pleasure in working with. The response I have had from clients has been overwhelming. One that particularly touched me was from Caroline Kenyon, Director, The Food Awards Company: “We shall all miss you at The Food Awards Company, your joyfulness, dedication and team spirit have been a delight, as well as your professionalism.”

I feel very fortunate that we are able to end the Market inn journey on a high. None of it would have been possible without the incredible support from my team, clients, and also the wider business community. To all of you, I offer my sincerest and heartfelt thanks. It has been a pleasure and a privilege. And I do hope we can continue to stay connected and support one another. I have genuinely loved building every single relationship and I don’t intend for this to be goodbye!

I’ve learnt many lessons from my Market inn time; not just work ones, but life ones too. And it is through these that I have decided that I want my next chapter to be working for someone else. Doing what and with whom remains to be seen… What is certain, is that I will continue my pursuit of creating waves in a sea of people.

I leave the Market inn doors slightly ajar. But now, it’s time for a new adventure…”

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

You’ve got a big fat orange. You work hard to squeeze every last drop of juice from it. You use that juice for a whole host of delights: a zingy salad dressing, a glaze for roast chicken and some tangy muffins – Mary Berry eat your heart out! Like the orange juice, you can get maximum mileage out of your marketing content by ‘re-purposing’ it; using items in multiple ways so you get as much bang from them as you can.

For example, a blog post. First up, you post it on the blog section of your website. But it doesn’t have to stop there. You can re-purpose that blog content into an infographic to post on your social channels. You could take key quotes or statistics from the blog and design them into a stand alone image to feature in eye-catching social media posts.

Got multiple blog posts on a similar theme? Package them up to create a bumper pack. For example, pull individual orange recipes together to create a ‘Complete Guide to Cooking with Oranges’ PDF. With that kind of resource, you’ve got yourself a great tool for lead generation.

Here are our top tips for re-purposing…

Choose relevant content

If you are bringing old content out again, make sure the subject matter is still relevant. At the height of coronavirus, re-purposing an old video tutorial you did on how to do make-up for a big night out wouldn’t have been the wisest choice.

Choose popular content

Go through your analytics – the Google Analytics for your website and the analytics in your social channels and email service provider – to find out what’s getting the most engagement. If the subjects of the popular pieces are still relevant, that’s the content you should be looking to wheel out again – either in the same format or a new one. For example, did you do a video interview that performed really well? Transcript it out for a blog post.

Build content with re-purposing in mind

The best way to make re-purposing content easy, is to plan and build your content with re-purposing in mind. That way it won’t be too difficult or time-consuming to slice and dice it into different formats.

A live webinar can be a really fruitful piece of content with lots to squeeze out of it if you plan its structure, speakers and content carefully. By having clear, digestible sections you could easily re-purpose the content for a series of blog posts. But don’t simply regurgitate the webinar verbatim in the blogs; use it as the foundation. With a well-structured webinar it will also be easy for you to edit the recording of the webinar down into a series of shorter videos, which can then be used across your channels.

Put the recording in its entirety on YouTube as an ‘on-demand’ piece of content too – then link to it on your website, emails and social. Pull out key quotes or stats from the webinar and use those as standalone items on social. Or string them together to create an interesting newsletter for your email database.

You can also make use of the user generated content from the webinar. For example, did you get questions from the audience in the webinar? Ask one of the speakers to do a follow up blog answering them or put a FAQs style blog together yourself. Did the participants make comments or post about watching the webinar? Re-post the best ones on your social channels.

Re-purposing really is a great way to squeeze out all you can from the content, without too much financial investment. The important investment is that initial planning period; taking the time to research and plan your content carefully is the key ingredient for repurposing success.

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